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As a “half-breed” by Nazi-standards Beck and his twin sister Miriam were interned at Rosenstrasse-camp in the centre of Berlin in 1943, but set free again after unique street-protests by non-Jewish relatives and friends. As a leader Beck helped to organize the survival of many Jews in Berlin during the last two years of World War II until he and his friends were finally caught and was imprisoned when the group was betrayed and turned over to the Getaspo, shortly before the Russian troops liberated Berlin.

After the war, Beck went to Munich, Germany and worked with Ben-Gurion in the displaced persons camps, counting survivors and preparing them for emigration to Palestine.

I found work as a shop assistant."Beck had his first male-male sexual experience while at school, seducing a sports teacher.

He proudly boasted about his conquest to his mother, with a frankness that became typical for him.

After the Nazi's rise to power, he and his sister were labeled half-Jewlish and experienced growing anti-semitism.

The rights to Beck’s autobiography have been optioned by Steven Spielberg.

In early 1945 a Jewish spy for the Gestapo betrayed me and a number of my underground friends.

I was interned in a Jewish transit camp in Berlin."In 1942, Beck tried to liberate his great love Manfred Lewin from a Gestapo transfer camp by posing as a Hitler Youth member.

Let’s go.” We jump on our bikes and peddle off to the arcade.

Roger and I jump at the chance to toss his new Nerf football around at the schoolyard.

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The Becks lived in a poor section of Berlin, populated predominantly by Jewish immigrants from eastern Europe.

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