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My cock is starting to get hard, as I ask Amy, has she ever used her mouth on a boy. She nods her head, and replies "a couple of times." My cock is really hard now. She don't resist as put her hand between my legs, she starts rubbing my cock though my pants. Amy reaches over with her right hand and unzips my zipper, then reaches her small hand in and pulls out my cock, and wraps her little fingers around it and starts to slide her hand up and down.She says, she had a few times, but only until he was ready. "It's longer and thicker than the boys I've been with" she says, as she continues to jack me off. Amy unfastens her seatbelt and leans over, and slides her lips over the head of my cock, and starts moving her head up and down.I'm sitting home Friday night, alone watching TV; my wife is gone to visit her mother for the weekend.My eighteen year old son is out on a date, with his sixteen year old girlfriend.

She raises her mouth off my cock; tears are rolling down her pretty face, she sniffles "I didn't want to swallow that stuff." I tell her I'm not a teenage boy, which she can stop anytime she wants to.Driving up to the police station, I'm extremely pissed at my son; he knows not to drive after drinking, especially because he's under age.I get to the station; Amy is sitting in the lobby waiting.Amy thanks me for coming to get her; she says she's sorry they got in trouble. That's when in a low voice, Amy says "I can't go home." I look over at the young girl; she has tears in her eyes.She then tells me, she lied to her parents, she's supposed to be spending the weekend with her girlfriend, and her parents, at the lake.

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Then she says, she could stay at my house, she knows my wife will be gone for the weekend.

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