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However the soapiness fades a little on the drydown and leaves you with just a floral fresh scent, again not my taste but its quite a comforting smell.This is kind of percect for a dry hair shampoo day if you get my meaning (review from a man, tested on my girlfriend) It is almost a good fragrance… The opening with the green note and the slightly peppery freesia and sage is absolut wonderful, but half hour later the flowers overwhelm everything.Without a big jasmine or gardenia/tuberose this is more a clean soft white floral with prominent lily notes.A well made patchouli leaf is noticeable as it begins to dry. The patchouli's herbal side emerges and mingles with amber and a bit of wood.The scent lasts a very long time and has excellent sillage. It's the most floral of the Sophia Grojsman creations in my opinion.

The composition opens with fresh citrus and green notes, that is followed by the note of violet and lily-of-the-valley.

This was during the solidarity movement/ the fall of communism.

She and my uncle took me with them the first time they proudly went to vote.

There were other florals that I had worn up until that point; Paris, Anais Anais, Tatiana, Barynia, Le Jardin De Max Factor..however, this was different from all of those.

Unmistakenly Eternity, it was green and floral and spicy and aquatic and STRONG. Not sure what the current version is like (I do have a mini that's a few years old that smells strong), but there was no such thing as "lightly" applying this stuff, the sillage, projection and longevity were intense.

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