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To easily solve this potential problem, ALWAYS keep your keypad set to Universal Time or GMT if you will be using Star GPS.

When you enter time into the GTO keypad, simply input the GMT as your local time, and keep the Daylight Savings setting at "0." Be sure that you put the correct UT date into the keypad as well!

You should be aware that there are additional parts of the initialization sequence that Star GPS cannot perform.

Fortunately, the keypad supplies these parameters even in the External Startup Mode.

* Early model GPS-NX01 and GPS-NX02 receivers may specify 9600 baud.

Astro-Physics GTO Star GPS-NX uses the Meade LX200 Command Set to send GPS data to the GTO.

While these issues will not affect normal go to operation during a night of observing, they can affect syncs done very close to the meridian, and they will affect park position calculations adversely.

Either of these situations can result in the scope being driven into the mount, so it is important that you follow these instructions.

It also spoils the whole point of having a Star GPS in the first place.

For example, for those of us in the US who might be setting up in the evening, UT may already be into "tomorrow," so tomorrow's date could be the correct entry.

Likewise, an Australian setting up his or her keypad in the morning might need to remember that it is still "yesterday" in UT.

You may also wish to download a copy of the "Star GPS-NX Quick Start Instructions" which are in PDF format.

General Information Star GPS-NX includes a high-performance GPS receiver and one adapter cable.

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A single Alkaline AA can supply over 4 hours of continuous power and should last several months (unless you forget to unplug it).

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