Taylor and taylor ddating is there a dating site just for straight people?

This “special hug” is historically shared between a man, a woman, and a collection of paparazzi.

And if the two stars hug hard enough, and/or employ enough “anonymous sources,” they just might produce an article like this one.

According to , the 27-year-old singer is dating British actor Joe Alwyn, who she has been seeing for several months now on the down low. RELATED: Could This Harry Styles Song *Really* Be About Taylor Swift?

Don't get too excited: the Internet's new favorite celebrity couple are (almost certainly) not dating.

Unfortunately for them, she’s got countless tricks up her extremely flattering sleeves.

Anyone who thought that Taylor Swift could be felled by a well-timed social media assassination clearly doesn’t know anything about Taylor Swift.

Imagine the ceremonial merging of the squads, the subsequent breakup albums, and the countless dates at Cheesecake Factory.

Imagine Rihanna’s social media shade, not to mention Kanye’s.

Indulge, for a moment, in this beautiful, dark, twisted fantasy.

Tay Tay has deliberately and meticulously crafted her own meteoric rise.

Even more miraculously, she’s marketed “Taylor Swift” as a sweet, guileless ingénue.

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According to Page Six, our well-placed spy reported, “Taylor came through the front door with Karlie Kloss and the Haim sisters while [Katy] entered through the back with a gang of friends, who were inappropriately dressed for the formal affair.” This unnecessary Katy Perry dig comes courtesy of an anonymous partygoer whom we’re supposed to believe is not Taylor Swift.

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