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Without its organizers, 16" softball would never have gained the heights of popularity that it now enjoys.

With his colorful antics and legendary methods of recruiting and retaining players, Braasch must rank as one of the top organizers of all time.

He rewarded Braasch with 23 consecutive hits that season.Besides using creative methods to sign players, Braasch was also a master of finding sponsors.Once season he convinced 35 saloon owners to sponsor his team.In 1978 he became a registered/licensed ASA umpire and began to officiate men’s and women’s 12-inch and 16-inch games for Tom O’Neill, Bob Ancona, and Joe Hoffman at the top parks in Chicago and the suburbs.That year, he also began umpiring at ASA regional, sectional, and national competitions.

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He was named a Little College All-American for three years.

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  1. Former Campbell teacher Lisa Watson — now the Cobb School District’s assistant communications director — and eight of her video production students created a 30-second public service announcement highlighting the dangers of human trafficking to submit to the Indiana-based Kinder Vision Foundation’s Greatest Save Teen Public Service Announcement Contest.

  2. Under the Telecommunications Regulations 2000, companies can only record calls without telling you if the tape is used for one of these legally-justified reasons: If another person has recorded your conversation without your consent, there isn't much you can do, legally speaking.