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“I wouldn’t wish my law school experience on my enemy.” Why are law schools being singled out?After all, the recent recession left Americans with an endless supply of things to complain about.

Before you sign a contract or even use a website, read the contract or terms of service for mentions of “arbitration”, “binding arbitration” or “resolution programs”; this language is often in the fine print of the contract and can be easily missed.

Request a copy of the rules of any program before deciding to participate.

You should ask questions like: Mandatory arbitration clauses are phrases written into contracts that state that if you have a dispute with a company, you must resolve it through arbitration.

In recent years, plenty of criticism has come from insiders, mostly law school professors who acknowledge that schools have supplied far too many lawyers than the market can absorb, and from graduates who now carry six-figure debt loads and can’t get jobs in law.

Corkery’s school has been sued by its graduates for embellishing employment prospects.

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Most people associate lawyers with misery: an unfair lawsuit, a divorce.

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