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Colleagues, newsmakers and peers all appreciate the depth and context John Dickerson brings to every discussion of the day’s events – together with his co-hosts, he will project our best values on every broadcast.” So 2018 is finally here and for about 6 months now, this is how I wanted to start the new year. No more hiding, no more lies, no more fannying around!

To some of you this won’t be news or anything new but to a lot of you, I imagine it won’t have even crossed your mind.

However, African forests were progressively giving way to sparse woodlands and dry grasslands, or savannas .

Sahelanthropus was the earliest, dating 7-6 million years ago.

“John’s impressive track record and strong all-around journalism extends our commitment to real news coverage every morning at CBS News,” said CBS News boss David Rhodes in making the announcement.

“Gayle and Norah continue to show tremendous leadership on our morning broadcast each day.

committed a cardinal sin in its latest episode and fans are not happy Gay Star News Ryan Murphy: My dad beat me bloody with a belt when I came out Pink News ‘Roseanne’ Revival Will Feature Character Who Defies Gender Norms Huff Post receives four BAFTA nominations Gay Star News Meryl Streep’s perfect four-word response to Mariah Carey stealing her seat Queerty Homophobe Kim Davis Officially Files for Reelection in Kentucky Advocate announced today that the disgraced Charlie Rose is being replaced by another man.

He’s Face the nation host John Dickerson, a Greg In Hollywood Morning man alum who joins the show’s two established female hosts Norah O’Donnell and Gayle King.

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