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While Germany celebrates the passage of same-sex marriage, another European nation is taking baby steps toward equality: Armenia has begun recognizing same-sex marriages performed abroad. Net, the Ministry of Justice indicated that marriage certificates registering the legal union of two people abroad are valid in the country after consular legalization, regardless of the participants’ gender.

That makes Armenia only the second former Soviet country after Estonia to recognize same-sex marriages performed abroad.

Many LGBT people remain closeted or face discrimination and violence—a 2012 study indicated 55% of Armenians would reject a friend or relative if they came out.

We received great assistance from state structures, namely from the healthcare ministry and the labor and social affairs ministry”, he said. “In 2011, 60% of women respondents were mentioning that it are the people around her who would prefer a boy, meaning the pressure and impact was coming from there.

The main purpose of the campaign was to raise awareness on sex-selective abortion within the society. The latest survey showed that only 36,7% mentioned this issue.

The country is a base and transit point for women and girls trafficked primarily for sexual and, to a lesser extent, labor misuse to the United Arab Emirates and Turkey...

Traffickers, using developed networks in source and target countries, recruit victims who are already engaged in prostitution.

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