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Trisha is also the choice of Rana’s family and she was spotted at Rana Daggubati’s sister engagement recently in Hyderabad.The latest update about their wedding is that Trisha and Rana in February 2013 and they are expected to marry in year end. She could not firm her foot in Bollywood and so is Rana.This is why it is very special when Rana and Kajal met up casually for a coffee in Mumbai.The handsome Tollywood hunk and South Indian beauty were spotted at Style Craker Exhibition which was held at the Turf Club in Mumbai.Lately the actress was in the news because of her manager, Ronnie, who had reportedly been arrested in connection with the Tollywood drug scandal.

Their impeccable on-screen chemistry has been giving fans hope of seeing them together in real life as well.

The film was initially in Telugu, Malayalam and Tamil, but now we have made it in Hindi also. After Department, did offers dry up or did you still get offers from filmmakers? Farah was looking at someone with a great physique for the role. She is a professional director, and this was a genuine reason. When he narrated , but he was fortunately okay with my facial fuzz.

Did you tell RGV that you were unhappy with Department? Yes, I was offered Sonu Sood’s role in , which I had to turn down. But at that time, I was sporting long hair and facial fuzz for . Who wouldn’t like to work with Farah and Shah Rukh Khan? (Laughs loud) You barely had an important role in the film.

After a day-long shoot with fashion photographer Vickky Idnaani at The Orchid, Mumbai, meets the dashing man at his Juhu abode. Considering you’ve not made much of an impact in Hindi films, what is your analysis of why things haven’t worked for you? I was working with Amitabh Bachchan and Sanjay Dutt, so the cast was right. For the first time, RGV tried guerrilla kind of filming, which tore it apart. I also feel that my involvement in Telugu cinema took away a major chunk of my time, which I could have used in Bollywood. Ideally, I should have put my foot down the moment I realised that the film was not on the right track. I am an actor, and I have agreed to be a part of the film because I have faith in the director. Is it unfortunate that even when an actor knows the fate of the film, they still have to stand by the film and promote it? We are a part of the project and contractually bound by certain commitments. And then you expect us to make films like Hollywood. Apparently, Baahubali is one of the biggest costume drama war film made in the history of Indian Cinema.

I have no regrets, but balancing both the industries was a task. Meanwhile, when I realized that I also need to be visible in Hindi cinema, I decided to make in three languages. I cannot leave the project because I feel that it’s not shaping the way I had visualized it. It’s someone else’s money, and if we don’t promote or talk good about it in the media, then we are sabotaging the project. But these days, certain actors stay away from films which they feel will not do any good… But if you ask me personally, then that’s unprofessional. (Laughs) Neeraj wanted to narrate the story, and I have liked his work in the past.

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However in a latest interview with a leading daily, Kajal denied being romantically linked with her co-star.

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