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Good luck on the surgery, and do the work you need to do in PT afterwards.

I still manage to be active and am doing my first triathlon in April, but like the author of the site, it's a balancing act for me and there are aches and pains in my body now that I have learned to adjust to, and I have to stay active/do PT regularly or symptoms flare up.

My surgeon performed osteoplasty on my femur bone making it spherical shaped.

He said there was more bone that needed to be removed than my MRI showed.

During the first week or so, I felt burning pain in the center to the right center of my thigh near the right hip.

Nevertheless, all the physical therapists I saw said, 'let pain be your guide.' If I was not so afraid of hurting my hip, I believe I could have recovered more quickly. I hope your own journey through FAI recovery goes quicker and less stressfully than my own. My overnight stay in the Bucks County Specialty hospital was a pleasurable experience. I felt quite good on the Endromorphine they treated me with on-site. When you get in the car for the ride home from the hospital, that's when your recovery condition really hits you.

Nevertheless, when I came home and went on weaker medicines, the real pain started!

Anyhow, the thing is big and you have to lie flat on your back to use it, so a Lazy Boy wouldn't work well for that (sometimes I slept when it was running).

If they don't have you using that, I suppose you could use a Lazy Boy to sleep in, but I would think a Lazy Boy would be much better for during the day.

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Also, I feel pain my my left knee, left tricep, and right calf from compensating for keeping weight on my left. During the third week, most of my pain is in the lumbar section of my back and occasional sharp shooting pain near the incision area of my hip. My incision starts about one inch below my underwear line. My external stitches naturally decayed probably within 2 weeks. When I took off the dressing from the hospital after 2 1/2 weeks, my stitches were gone).

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