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Most of the inhabitants are traders, and all of them wear frontiersmen clothes; they are very polite and brave people." According to Celebi, the city had 200 shops, 14 mosques and about 2,000 houses.

Since 12 September 1687, the city was under Habsburg administration, and was included into the Habsburg Military Frontier.

Sombor's rich history includes the oldest institution for higher education in the Serbian language.

The town is also home of numerous minority organisations, including the Hungarian Pocket Theater Berta Ferenc, the Croatian Society Vladimir Nazor, the Jewish Municipality and several other smaller organisations including German and Romani clubs.

Teacher's College, founded in 1778, is the oldest college in Serbia and the region.In 1941, city was occupied by the Axis powers and annexed by Hungary.Many prominent citizen from Serbian community were interned and later executed.The older Hungarian name for the city was Czoborszentmihály.The name originates from the Czobor family, who were the owners of this area in the 14th century (The family name came from the Slavic name Cibor).

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