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"And it will be, man." He assures, his tan hands placing the silverware down beside white cloths. The planets will align, all the stars will be out, gas prices will go down to a dollar-" He stops and smiles as his friend lands a punch on his shoulder."But, most importantly, You will get laid tonight."Tobias mutters something under his breath, something like "Ridiculous" and fidgets with the gold rings around the napkins, wondering if everything he's doing is too much.The scent of the lobsters cooking in the oven make him want to push the heirlooms off the table and just order a pizza for a night of lounging on the couch. His friend's words snap him back and his hand draws back from a crystal cup on the table, ready to be thrown against the dining room wall."She'll love it." Zeke smiles encouragingly at him, forcing a sigh to escape his mouth. Literally." He adds as an afterthought and Tobias lands another, harder punch on his shoulder, the tips of his ears flushing pink.Tobias's hand quickly reaches into his pocket when he hears the He stares at the little kissy face emoji doting the end of the text before Zeke snatches the phone from his grip and glances over the message."She's not coming." Tobias mutters, a hand reaching up to run through his dark hair."Don't be an idiot." Zeke replies, exasperated, and hands him back his phone. Probably dolling herself up for you."The harsh sound of the oven beeping startles both boys, causing them to jump.The sky is a glorious swirl of pink and red and purple and warm wind presses against his face.They can hear the marching band's evening practice from blocks away and Tobias suddenly feels bad for the people who live so close to the school. Though his mind is so mixed up he can't decide if the text message is the mistake or the relationship.The night Tobias catches his girlfriend with her skirt down is the night he swears off girls that trouble follows.

Zeke grabs him around the upper arm and drags him deeper into the room, letting the door swing shut silently.

Linen napkins, precious China, and polished silver?

Most teenagers would just go to a house-party for an anniversary, but Tobias Eaton has to be a dork and use all of his dead mother's fancy dinnerware.

Tobias Eaton swore off bad girls the night his girlfriend of two years cheats on him with a team mate.

That begins the journey of understanding Beatrice Prior, the daring, little, blonde girl with a loud mouth and a nasty reputation who crashes into his life with no plans of leaving until she makes a mark.

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The biggest in the state due to the many donations made by crazy and rich sports-lovers.

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