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Terrorists are arrested and convicted under existing criminal statutes. The second, a coordinated suicide attack using four hijacked U. commercial aircraft as missiles on September 11, 2001, resulted in the deaths of 2,783 innocent people.

All suspected terrorists placed under arrest are provided access to legal counsel and normal judicial procedure, including Fifth Amendment guarantees. § 2331(5)]Note: The FBI investigates terrorism-related matters without regard to race, religion, national origin, or gender. naval destroyer USS Cole in the Yemenese port of Aden on October 12, 2000, claimed the lives of 17 U. The September 11 attack represents the most deadly and destructive terrorist attack in history and claimed more lives than all previous acts of terrorism in the United States combined. forces were working with anti-Taliban Afghan fighters to target Al-Qaeda training camps in Afghanistan.

While this expanded focus is intended to provide a more complete overview of FBI terrorism investigations into acts involving U. interests around the world, Terrorism is not intended as a comprehensive annual review of worldwide terrorist activity. This inaugural issue of Terrorism provides annual overviews for the years 20.

An additional incident, an arson fire in Olympia, Washington, was claimed by a group calling itself Revenge of the Trees (ROTT) in a statement released through the North American ELF Press Office.

The remaining incident, a series of arson fires in Phoenix, Arizona, has been attributed to Mark Warren Sands, a lone environmental extremist who was arrested and indicted in 2001.

For such a comprehensive overview of global terrorism issues, see the report Patterns of Global Terrorism, published annually by the U. The FBI hopes you find Terrorism 2000/2001 to be a helpful resource, and thanks you for your interest in the FBI’s Counterterrorism Program.

A full-text and graphics version of this issue, as well as recent back issues of Terrorism in the United States, is available for on-line reference at the FBI’s home page at gov.

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The terrorist prevention recorded in 2000 was being planned by Mark Wayne Mc Cool, a right-wing, antigovernment extremist who was plotting to attack the federal building in Houston, Texas, when he was arrested by the Houston Joint Terrorism Task Force in March 2000.

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