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I might try it again with other games but depends how quickly/cheaply it can be done. As very often happens, some projects remains are there, unnoticed, slowly making progress in silence, I even forget about them, until one day I check all the writing already done and I’m like “DOH! ” and then I start working on it full-speed (also because I don’t like to stay idle as you guessed).The game is in beta and so far people seems to love it, even if of course it’s still early days.I know for sure that we put a lot of effort in it 🙂 .

– like above, in this case while the writing is basically done, there’s still a lot of art to draw, and do the scripting of the whole story. That’s why I won’t talk about the current games in progress and it was a mistake doing it in the past.

Otherwise, as many people pointed out, the story feels too detached from the gameplay. Many people loved it, maybe I’m being nit-picking, not sure 🙂 What went well .

I was unsure if to do it or not (investing a non trivial sum of money to redo almost all the art of an already released game was risky) but the reception was amazing, and the sales increased by 300% (so now are in line with my other games more or less).

After all I am doing another RPG this year, and after I finish it I’ll probably need a few months to recover.

So an early next year release it’s a more likely outcome for PS2.

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