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Over the course of Roblox's history, many advances towards reducing exploiting have been attempted.When Lua runs programs, the Lua virtual machine compiles code to Lua bytecode before it is interpreted.Using Lua bytecode, he created a function that allowed a script to steal values from other functions, including C functions.This made it possible to steal values from Roblox's API's, but months passed until someone found a way to use this bug to modify the global environment and to become capable to make the core scripts and the join script execute any Lua code in a game server.This method worked by generating a fake Roblox environment in a normal Lua instance, and emulating the regular Roblox environment in C functions implemented by the exploit.

Generating this new bytecode from scratch would prove near impossible for would-be exploiters.Around 2 years later, a new class of wrapper exploits was born with the release of the 'Raindrop V2' (later renamed to 'Synapse') exploit by developer 3dsboy08.Around a month later, another exploit named 'Seraph' also implemented the same method of obtaining script execution.The removal of bytecode had no other side effect than rendering code obfuscation impossible without other means.After the removal of the Lua compiler from the client, Roblox made heavy changes to the Lua VM.

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