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Our correspondence will develop in something the greater sometime can??? I very much would like, that our letters were not mere words. We could stay at a fire all night, it so perfectly look at a flame of a fire. If you want I also could to learn you to dances though for this purpose it will be necessary for us to meet face to face. Except for my parents who live in my city, I have still grandmother and the grandfather who live in a village, I sometimes visit them. But it is necessary for me to pay other part of money for reception of the visa and an opportunity there will be you my love.

And letters come so quickly, what even it is possible to have time to state each other ideas which have just arisen in your head. It would be good if we once have met also you has learned me to write in English. Your letters always bring heat and a cosiness in my heart though we and far apart, I all the same feel you as though you are with me in one room. Email 8: Hi my love XXXXX, I am very happy to read your letter, as always. And then to me have told, that with it there are no problems and I can arrive to you.

Probably, you will want to learn(find out) something about me directly? I the ordinary Russian girl, practically am distinguished by nothing from the others. I would pay all this, but unfortunately I to not have such money. Besides in bank to me have told that it is the most reliable system of remittances in the world and that money reach very quickly.

At all I do not know from what to begin the letter. And between us such distance though in our life all can happen once. Unfortunately I to not have the brother or the sister. It is awkward to me to ask you about it but if you have helped me to pay other part of cost of the visa I could finish process of reception of the visa very soon and to arrive to you. Unfortunately other system of remittances in our city is not present.

Inside The Sound biography Max Velychko - Born in Kirovohrad, Ukraine This is the project of guitarist and composer Max VELYCHKO (also appeared in KARFAGEN, SUNCHILD, MODERN ROCK ENSEMBLE) They have released 2 albums and the latest "Wizard' s Eyes" contain tracks that were composed through the years, and now, after 6 years of silence, it's finally release.

It sounds a more like prog-melodic- instrumental with a wide range of deep guitar works and keyboards palettes based on groovy and powerfull rhythm section.

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