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During fiscal year (“FY”) 2013—which ran from October 1, 2012, until September 30, 2013—Barlia repeatedly missed the 95-percent target. It is undisputed that Bryant and Hau were members of the U. Air Force Reserve and Ferguson was a member of the U. Petitioners’ appeals to the Board were thereafter consolidated, and a hearing was held on August 7, 2014. He was informed that his detail to Outpatient Medical Records would end, and he would be detailed to work in the Department of Behavioral Health beginning on June 2, 2016. Cathedral Henderson appeals the final decision of the Merit Systems Protection Board (“board”) sustaining the decision by the Department of Veterans Affairs (“VA”) to suspend him indefinitely from his position with the agency.

In January, February, and March 2013, for instance, Barlia attained only 89.5 percent, 92.7 percent, and 93.9 percent, respectively, of her sales goals. On August 15, 2014, Ferguson resigned from the Agency, and, also on that date, Petitioners filed a post-hearing brief arguing, inter alia, that they were “forced to quit the Agency” due to discriminatory and harassing work conditions and “constructively discharged due to the hostile work environment. There, he would perform the duties of a file clerk, but would have no front-desk duties. BACKGROUND: Henderson was employed as a GS–13 Program Analyst at the VA’s Health Eligibility Center in Atlanta, Georgia. § 1035, an offense punishable by fines, imprisonment, or both.

The terminated technicians appealed this decision through the Guard’s internal administrative process, in which they were represented by their union, the Laborers’ International Union of North America, Local 2132, AFL-CIO (the “union”). He filed an IRA appeal alleging the Agency retaliated against him for protected whistleblowing activity. Lentz appeals the decision of the Merit Systems Protection Board (MSPB or “Board”), holding that his resignation from federal employment was a voluntary act and not a constructive discharge. Lentz’s supervisor issued a letter proposing a fourteen-day suspension for various infractions, citing his management of interns, his behavior toward his supervisors, and his interaction with outside entities. During his employment with the fire department, Taylor repeatedly was accused of smelling of alcohol while on duty, though no one saw him drinking on the job.

He alleged he made protected disclosures to his supervisors including that the Agency granted Dr. Greer is a former civilian employee of the Air Force (“the agency”) who worked as a Motor Vehicle Operator at Randolph Air Force Base. Greer for discourteous conduct and inappropriate comments. Greer and the agency en- tered into a last chance agreement, which provided that Mr. We vacate the Board’s decision, as based on incorrect evidentiary procedures including the inappropriate application of collateral estoppel. Lentz entered federal service in 2002, and at the times here relevant was employed as a botanist with the Bureau of Land Management of the Department of the Interior (the “Agency”) in California. Lentz had no disciplinary record until May 15, 2014, when his supervisor issued a letter of reprimand for “acting outside the scope of his authority” and “conduct unbecoming.” These charges were based on his authorization to permit goat grazing on certain public lands, without the prior approval of his supervisors. Du Vall and another lieutenant, Mike Moreno, were the first to report him.

Between December 2013 and late April 2014, Lacasse was counseled and disciplined four times for inappropriate workplace behavior.

Bonavito-Larragoite double billed a patient; and that Dr. On appeal, Hogue argues that the district court erred in granting summary judgment to the Army, and presents his arguments on what evidence in the record is credible. The agreement further provided that the agency would hold Mr. lists a penalty of reprimand or greater.” Finally, the agreement stated that “Mr. Jerry Mc Cullough, Hughes’s predecessor as fire chief, investigated both the drinking allegations and Taylor’s complaint of racial harassment, and in the process learned that coworkers previously had reported that Taylor smelled of alcohol.In February 2014, the Guard concluded an investigation into misconduct at its training base in Grayling, Michigan. David Leopold Lowenstein appeals the decision of the Merit Systems Protection Board (“Board”) denying him relief in his Individual Right of Action (“IRA”) appeal. Lowenstein worked as a chiropractor for the Department of Veterans Affairs (“Agency”) in the Iowa City VA Health Care System. His letter of resignation cites harassment and a hostile work environment that aggravated an illness and his veterans disability, and made his work circumstances intolerable. In addition, Taylor claims that on separate occasions the two lieutenants and Fire Chief Terrence Hughes said that black firefighters “don’t belong” in the fire station.Based on its findings, the Guard terminated two dual-status technicians. He was terminated from his job because he engaged in persistent unprofessional behavior. The proposed fourteen-day suspension was sustained on February 10, 2015, during his medical leave, to commence on February 15, 2015. The last racially offensive comment occurred in early 2012, but Taylor did not file an EEOC charge until February 2013.“We review a district court’s decision to grant summary judgment de novo, applying the same legal standards as the district court, and viewing all facts and reasonable inferences therefrom in the light most favorable to the nonmoving party.” ... Throughout her time with the company, Barlia reported to Terry Walsh, MWI’s Great Lakes Regional Manager. MIA is an independent state agency that performs various functions related to the regulation of Maryland’s insurance industry and the enforcement of Maryland’s insurance laws. Thomas Lynch, Assistant Deputy Under Secretary for Health (ADUSH) for Clinical Operations, and a former (resigned) VA employee misused VA travel funds for personal rather than official business. West was improperly paid ,800 for Temporary Quarters Subsistence Expenses (TQSE) in connection with a Permanent Change of Station (PCS) move that he did not execute. West to relocate from his then duty station in Salt Lake City, UT to Washington, DC, after accepting a position as the Special Assistant to the ADUSH for Clinical Operations on September 22, 2013. West did not relocate nor did he repay VA for the TQSE. BACKGROUND Petitioners were employed as air interdiction agents by the Office of Air and Marine (“OAM” or the “Agency”), U. Customs and Border Protection, which is within the Department of Homeland Security (“DHS”). Following events that began with agency management stripping her Branch of some of its adjudicatory responsibilities and ended with her reassignment to a different unit, Plaintiff filed suit against Defendants under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the Equal Protection Clause of the Constitution, alleging both retaliation and race, color, and gender discrimination. Mottas was going to be assigned to work with her again after several months of working apart. Bolger reported that when she had worked with him in the past, he had read the medical files in the file room and questioned her regarding the various medical providers’ actions. Mottas’s practice of reading other people’s medical files. Garber informed Major Lyons, who in turn informed Daniel Key, Compliance Specialist for the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). Following an investigation, on June 1, 2016, the Agency issued Mr.As an OSR, Barlia was expected to hit 95 percent of her monthly and fiscal-year sales goals; but beginning in 2013, she struggled to do so. MANAGEMENT-HATING EEOC IS UP TO IT'S OLD TRICKS, TRYING TO SHAKE DOWN MANAGEMENT WITH FAKE "EQUAL PAY DISCRIMINATION" CLAIMS. The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (the EEOC) brought this action on behalf of three female employees against their employer alleging salary discrimination under the Equal Pay Act (the EPA), 29 U. We also found that his annual salary was increased from 8,049 to 6,527 to make his “salary competitive with the market rate in the Washington DC Metro geographical region.” Because he did not relocate, this resulted in overpayments to Dr. On March 7, 2013, while employed by the Agency, Petitioners appealed to the Board, alleging that the Agency’s actions and policies violated the Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act [...]. On April 20, 2014, while his appeal was pending and before a hearing was held, Hau resigned from the Agency. United States Department of the Navy, Naval Facilities Engineering Command, Mid-Atlantic (NAVFAC MIDLANT), Norfolk, Virginia (Agency) and Tidewater Virginia Federal Employees, Metal Trades Council (Union). Mottas a notice of counseling for violating HIPAA by reading the medical files.

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