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While a bit of naughty wordplay can really spice up your sex life, nothing is going to take your woman out of her O-zone like you whispering: “Tell me something dirty.” Her only thoughts up until this point have been “I hope I look sexy” and, of course, focusing on climaxing.Now suddenly she’s supposed to write a harlequin romance novel at the drop of a hat, quickly running through sexy scenarios that will get you hot.While this fall under the “Whatever floats your boat” category, your girlfriend will probably be offended if you’re requesting another sexy couple to join you on the screen.Your girlfriend may be down for the occasional porn-watching-romp, but just know that this can become both intimidating and ego-crushing.

If you’re not begging for it, your lax attitude on the matter may encourage her to relax.

If you’re looking to persuade your girlfriend to entertain these ideas, try another route. Certainly women understand your plight: slipping around without any friction isn’t getting either of you anywhere, but complaining isn’t going to help. Instead of getting frustrated, how about patting yourself on the back for getting your girl that excited, you prince charming, you! You need to respect this, not only because it’s her body and her decision, but also because it hurts like a mother–. Just remember that your girlfriend is your partner, not your sex doll.

While there will be plenty of ways to convince your girlfriend to get down and do the naughty, pouting is not one of them.

While this should really go without saying, your girlfriend doesn’t want to hear about how your ex used to: swallow, role-play, go without a condom, or take it in the bum. While your girlfriend may want to release her inner rock star in the throes of love, she probably doesn’t want to release her inner porn-star for your viewing pleasure later.

If you’re looking for a fight, these are perfect conversation topics! Stop asking to film everything – your sex life is not a reality show. Some girls love it, but most girls are going to give you the big fat “no” when you traipse around that “unspoken” and “un-ladylike” area. Now imagine it going in and out at an alarming speed. [Read: The curious couple’s guide to nailing anal sex] So there we have it, nine questions or requests you might make during sex, and exactly what you can do to avoid the eye roll.

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