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While they are occasionally obscured by cloud, as the timelapse rolls on the blobs clearly stand out against the blue sky.The artist claims the shapes, which he captured on August 30, were not illusions caused by camera or lens faults.'I immediately tried lots of things to dismiss camera error or any other natural things that may have caused this,' he told Cornwall Live.'I spent many hours looking at the tiny clip and I am convinced now that there really was something totally motionless high in the sky.'There is a part of the clip where you can see the two objects being covered by cloud and peeping through again to be covered once more before they are revealed again when the cloud disperses.'Mr Kingwell said he took to his garden with binoculars after spotting the blobs in his footage, but heavy cloud cover stopped him from getting a closer look.'I spotted something through the binoculars for a few seconds before the clouds covered it,' he said.'I immediately phoned my good lady to come out and see but the cloud covered the sky completely and it was like that all evening.'The self-employed artist says he has been looking at the sky ever since he captured the video, and has contacted various UFO societies for their opinions.

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Facebook is changing the way its users will experience posts by highlighting those shared by people rather than publishers and advertisers with the intend to get users to engage again, making time spent on social media more "meaningful." Annville resident Fred Nell runs a drug sniffing dog enterprise from his home.

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'We all get on really well and it's great to have so many different personalities and characters in one house.

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