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It is sometimes flavored with caraway, or with some onion.

Some varieties of Lithuanian bread contain whole seeds of rye and wheat; this type of bread is referred to as grūdėtoji, i.e. Two types of bagel, Riestainis, and Džiuvėsis, are produced here, also.

This event marked the first time since 2000 that a senior Israeli minister had entered PA-controlled territory.Hamas remained the main political power in the Gaza Strip, since its takeover of the area in 2007, and had since fought three wars against Israel in 2008/9, 2012, and 2014.[JP, 5/1] May 5: More than 1,000 participants in the Palestinian prisoner hunger strike ended their fasting within Israeli prisons after 40 days.The dough is usually based on a sourdough starter, and includes some wheat flour to lighten the finished product.Rye bread is often eaten as an open-faced sandwich, buttered or spread with cheese .

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