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The host steers the conversation toward sports to get them chatting, and then everything you want to hear from America’s writer-in-residence comes out in unexpected, new ways.

host Flora Lichtman will make her obsessions your obsessions.

First, the arrival of a new podcast episode must send you into an ethical quandary: How do I get out of at least some of my obligations today to listen to this?

There’s an awkwardness to the show, especially when the couple rehashes their arguments in chipper voices; we’re not sure if they’re the most in sync couple in America or the most passive aggressive. People who’ve been out of the game for awhile might be shocked by the way Tinder users present themselves and by the sheer range of choices these apps supply (trans, cis, ethical nonmonogamy, open relationships, unicorns, Spotify and Instagram link-outs, location services). It centers around a well-off family’s relationship to the show’s namesake, a narcissist named John, who bounces from wealthy wife to wealthy wife, with a woman named Debra Newell as his latest target.”) that you’ll want to know how exactly that question was posed in the first place.features a couple enduring the in vitro fertilization process with shameless humor and a lot of compassion in five serialized different from most of what you’ll hear elsewhere.Every other week, people who have experienced a massive disturbance in their life tell their stories uninterrupted, no questions, no music.

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