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Research has discovered that we experience emotional pain as physical pain.

This means that when you are experiencing heartache, your heart actually does hurt – well, perhaps not your heart, but something in your body does hurt, and badly.

Experience being coached by me in the 30-minute Get Clarity Coaching Session to see what coaching can do for you. While physical pain is sometimes a signal that something is very wrong, this is not exactly the case with emotional pain. You may need to take a pain reliever, change your diet, go see a doctor, have an operation, bandage the hurt part, etc. This means that when you feel anxiety about feeling heartache, and worry about how you are going to make it go away, and try to make plans about how you are going to alter circumstances and situations and people so that you stop feeling pain, stop. “Give me three months” I decided (and may have even said out loud) “and I’ll be out the other side of this situation even stronger than before.” Well, a little like people describe childbirth, I couldn’t have believed how painful things were about to get.

I know that i am stupid, and that i am doing this too myself.It’s true that no one wants to feel emotional pain, but as it is a part of life and unavoidable, better to know that you can tolerate it and get through it than to be afraid of it. and he further sent me a few long messages about breaking up with me and not having feelings for me anymore.Now for the specifics of how to tolerate emotional pain. I still had another four hours of university left and the last thing i wanted to do was start crying in the middle of school.Do you see the power you could have over your emotional life if you were able to tolerate emotional pain rather than being afraid of it? So a month ago i got a message in the middle of the day during a class that he wanted to see me the following day to discuss some issues.It can be truly astounding how much easier and more peaceful life becomes when you are no longer afraid of feeling pain. I knew instantly what he meant and so i said to him what is it about?

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