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Technical skills are conveyed through set video exercises to be completed independently of the class and two creative assignments developed under the direction of your lecturer.The aim of this subject is to build an awareness of a reliable and thorough creative process.You'll graduate with a top notch portfolio, a showreel, and knowledge of who’s who where it counts, ready to launch into the industry.During this course you will be able to access Wacom Intuos Pro and Cintiq tablets, lightboxes line testers, Ball and Socket stop-motion rigs, Dragonframe stop-motion software, 18-camera leading precision motion-capture suites, VR facilities (HTC Vive), Green-screen studios, Mixing and recording studios for soundscapes, Rendering tech (Redshift, Pixar Render Man, Arnold), Quixel, ZBrush, Mudbox and 3D-Coat for sculpting, Compositing tech (After Effects, Blackmagic Fusion) and Full Adobe suite (Maya Autodesk).This research exploration will include student backgrounds, interests, aspirations and expectations, then explore the links, similarities and differences between the group members.Creative outcomes will include both individual and group generated content as the result of a design-thinking based structure or information framework that links the research findings.Students will undertake three creative stages that will introduce and explore the student groups as young designers today and their pathway into a future career.

Students will work in small groups, through three distinct stages, towards a Prototype Proposal that deals with the challenge of approaching a creative career.Prototype: “Strategy, Platforms, Process” (a proposal on how to make it all happen) The three stages of this project always remains at a development stage and are never taken into actual production, allowing students to focus on the process rather than on the polish of a finished outcome.This also allows them to work with ideas that may not be practical to actually execute, encouraging them to be more ambitious, investigative and inventive.Exercises will be directed toward an art direction project and the visualisation of character and story.Traditional animation is defined as predominately “in-camera” where the computer is secondary to the process of animating.

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Game characters and 3D animation are simply digital analogues of these fundamental techniques.

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