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Is the "law of attraction" so automatic -- in Byrne's words as irrefutable as the law of gravity -- that any one who truly desires wealth, fame or power must have the universe grant these to them no matter what the consequences?Our tradition teaches us that God is kinder than to unquestioningly saddle us with all the penalties that we cannot possibly anticipate accruing from the realization of all of our daydreams.

But when it suggests that God is a cosmic bellhop just waiting to grant every one of our wishes if we only believe strongly enough that He'll do it, that offends not only my intelligence but also my faith. I don't know from where in the Bible Byrne draws her conclusions, but I do know what King David tells us as the final word on the subject in his incomparable Book of Psalms: "The secrets of God belong to those who revere Him." Happiness is the reward for those who choose to follow the ways of God.But the danger of Byrne's philosophy goes far beyond offering people a false panacea.We ought to worry not so much for those who find out that "the law of attraction" doesn't really attract but for those who end up being held responsible for misfortunes for which they were totally blameless.Whatever comfort might come to those who buy into The Secret's promise of making all the world's gifts readily accessible may well be outweighed by the guilt placed upon all those made to feel that their suffering is really all their own fault. We may not understand the why, but as believers we accept it as Divine decree.From a Jewish perspective, death is God calling a soul home because it has ended its mission on earth.

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Let's make clear at the outset that The Secret could never have found the slightest acceptance if it weren't based on a measure of truth.

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