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only fifteen lines are dedicated to the question of indissolubility, while seven subsequent pages describe the ways in which it is possible to dissolve the indissoluble bond.” This is the end of the path on which Cardinal Kasper is asking us to begin walking.The truth about marriage was one of the truths that the Catholic missionaries carried with them wherever they went.As John Rist notes, those early Christians “stood out …for a strictness on sexual matters of which they boasted—even when they failed to live up to their own ideals,” and many of them, perhaps not coincidentally, also chose martyrdom rather than burn a little incense to Caesar.The end result was that the Christian understanding of marriage became the accepted view in Lothair’s kingdom: “Everything about the episode shows that a process had begun by which the Christian understanding of marriage gradually was to prevail over received, pre-Christian forms and norms of marriage among those peoples who had now been converted to Christianity.” Thanks to the influence of the Catholic Church, divorce became impossible in most of Europe for most of history.

any attentive person of the idea that, at its heart, there exists no marriage that is absolutely indissoluble, that the ‘forever’ to which every true love cannot but aspire is an illusion.” Finally, arguments supporting Kasper’s proposal, as Cardinal De Paolis notes, tend to appeal to “a situational ethic,” or a belief that the end justifies the means, or to proportionalism, or to the notion that there are no intrinsically evil acts, all ways of thinking about morality that the Church has repeatedly disavowed, most recently in John Paul II’s As Archbishop Vasil notes in his essay, “Faith in supernatural principles is now more than ever subject to humiliation.” The acceptance of Cardinal Kasper’s proposal would further that humiliation.No person in a difficult marriage watching that interview would conclude that there is any reason why he should not divorce, and no divorced person watching that interview would conclude that there is any reason why he should not remarry.Thus, under Kasper’s proposal, the Church would go from treating Christ’s prohibitions of divorce and of remarriage after divorce as being normative to treating them as being superfluous.There is another way, as the authors of this book eloquently remind us.I will give the last word to Archbishop Vasil, whose essay concludes with the perfect rejoinder to Kasper: “All this brings us to consider whether ‘hardness of heart’ is a convincing argument to muddle the clearness of the teaching of the gospel on the indissolubility of Christian marriage.

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Kasper’s proposal has won widespread support among self-professed “progressives,” and it is not hard to see why: if the Church can overturn a teaching that is grounded in the clear words of Jesus Christ and in clear apostolic Tradition, there is no teaching of the Church that cannot be changed to suit the demands of this age, or of any age to come. civil marriage following divorce involves a form of adultery, and it makes reception of the Eucharist morally impossible (1 Cor ), unless the couple practice sexual continence.

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