Consolidating 2 columns excel

But, the best way is to use ODBC (or Live Data Connector).

ODBC can connect your apps to Excel, passing real-time data from your app to Excel.

Draw boxes for each data type to get a sense of the layout and add quick sketches of the type of graphs you want to include.

This mockup will help get everyone on the same page and let you get approval from stakeholders before you start spending time and money on the actual dashboard.

Dashboards are made up of tables, charts, gauges, and numbers.

After you share a workbook, many of Excel’s features can’t be used.

There’s a list of unavailable features for Excel 2003 on the Microsoft site, and in Excel’s help.

Dashboards give you unprecedented visibility into your work.

You can get a quick, visual status update on your projects or drill down into important details, all in one place.

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For example, you can’t add any of the following features, and in some cases you can’t even change the existing items: If you do need to create a shared workbook, check the list of restricted features, and make sure you have everything set up exactly the way you want it, before you share the file.

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