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Although prior to September 2011, saving conversations for later retrieval was not available, settings now allow you to save conversations using Adobe Flash Player local storage, and then retrieve and review conversations at a later point in time.Open Chat Roulette and before connecting, click the "Settings" tab on the upper right side of the menu bar.At one point the Chatroulette V.2 anticipation was so thick over at Tech Crunch HQ that even we were, how you say, premature.

Click the "Camera and mic privacy settings" button.Anecdotally, […] It’s been in the works for a couple of months now but it’s now official, Public Workshop will be working with fifteen Chicago teenagers starting in late June of this summer to design-build food carts for a local community organization.Actually, we should clarify that they may not actually end up being food carts, depending […] How can we creatively re-imagine urban education?The right choice will provide a much better smile and profile. Crowding on both upper and lower teeth, crossbites on both sides, midline shift and protrusion (difficult to see in this picture).This challenging adult case required some extractions, but with excellent patient cooperation, she finished treatment in just under 24 months.

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  1. Yet more than 80 percent of high school guidance counselors feel ill-equipped to address reports of abuse, according to Break the Cycle, an organization that addresses teen dating violence.“I wish I was seeing a trend where schools are becoming increasingly knowledgeable and better trained in the K-12 setting, but I’m not,” said Michigan-based attorney Monica Beck of the Fierberg National Law Group Along with defining the evidentiary standard, Obama-era guidance documents directed districts to hire Title IX coordinators to oversee compliance, promptly investigate and resolve complaints, and provide reasonable accommodations to victims so they can pursue an education in a safe environment.