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Josh Gad (who will play Gaston's sidekick Le Fou) shared the picture on his Instagram account earlier today, roping in Emma (Belle), Dan Stevens (the Beast), Luke Evans (Gaston) and Kevin Kline (Belle's father) for the group pic.

Watson and Pattinson's alleged romance as widely reported in the foreign press.

The CW heartthrob and his longtime girlfriend Dianna Fuemana welcomed their first child together, a daughter named Eve..months ago! We hired a beautiful villa in the Hollywood Hills and spent time as a family so everyone could get to meet her."In an interview with E!

Yes, Ryan and writer-director Fuemana managed to keep their secret baby under wraps until the New Zealand actor revealed Eve's arrival to Australia's TV Week at Comic-Con, saying, "We've kept everything pretty quiet until now, but it's changed my life and really put a lot of things in perspective."Ryan, 31, admitted, "I never expected to be a dad at my age and she was a little bundle of surprise for me and my partner, but it makes me realize how important family really is."Eve was born just two days before filming wrapped on's first season in Toronto. News, Ryan revealed that Fuemana has quite the nickname for him, thanks to our Hottie of the Week feature!

Fast forward to present times, she is now a self-assured detective, yet she's never forgotten about the unknown figure that rescued her.

The "Beauty and the Beast" actress usually refuses to talk about her personal relationships in the press.

As his hair of mixed breed DNA is found on a crime scene victim, they are unwittingly forced to meet.

Much more like a hulk than a beast, when enraged his super-strength and heightened senses become uncontrollable, and Catherine experiences this first-hand.

"She's a Canadian-New Zealand girl and we spent a lot of time in Toronto waiting for her papers and visas to come through and slowly becoming parents and realizing we're not going to sleep for five years," he said. After winning the coveted title for 99 percent of the vote recently, Ryan said, "My girlfriend thought that was very cool.

She started calling me hottie of the week that week, so make me win again so she keeps calling me hottie of the week!

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