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You may be able to get more time for claiming, so if you do need more time, contact the DWP or DCS and explain why.If you don’t claim Personal Independence Payment after the first invitation from the DWP or DCS, you’ll be sent another letter asking you to claim this benefit.On this page: This is a benefit for people who have a physical or mental disability and need help to care for themselves, help with getting around, or someone to supervise them to remain safe.You may be able to claim DLA if you are under 16 and need help with things like: If you're over 16 years old, you won't be able to make a new claim for DLA. If you get DLA and were aged 65 or over on 8 April 2013 (or 20 June 2016 in Northern Ireland), you can stay on DLA and will be able to renew it when necessary.Existing tax credit claimants are expected to be moved across to universal credit between 20.

However we believe that if the Government had the will they could and should pay all the backdated premium.

If you’re refused Personal Independence Payment or you disagree with the DWP or DCS’s written decision, you have one month to ask for the decision to be reconsidered. If you’re not happy with the outcome of the reconsideration, you have another month to appeal.

The date you are paid tax credits from is usually the date HMRC receive your claim form – this is your date of claim.

Section 20 of the Tax Credit Act 2002 may enable families to receive all the money they are due. It is certainly worth running the argument and if necessary going to a tribunal.

Accordingly as the sums are large at £3140 per year and a further £1275 a year if the PIP or DLA are at enhanced rates, applicants should claim back payment now.

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It may mean you qualify for the benefit at the highest rate instead.

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