Are james lafferty and sophia bush dating

That said, the 30-year-old actor hopes as his resume grows, people will start to recognize him by his other roles, too."I do hope to be known to people by other character names, as well, as my career goes on and as I get older and evolve," he admits.2 Fans know all about the love debacle between Sophia Bush and Chad Michael Murray after their characters Brooke Davis and Lucas Scott had an on-again, off-again relationship for years and shared some of the most romantic moments on the show.After an off-screen relationship blossomed, the two stars became engaged in May 2004 and were married the next year in April 2005.(For example, this is me every time I watch Murray on Agent Carter: "You really need to channel your inner Lucas Scott, Jack Thompson!") One would think that may get old, but if you ask the actor who brought Nathan Scott to life, that's definitely not the case."There's never an instinct to sort of run from that association of Nathan Scott," he says.

And don’t forget to tell us why you give in the comments below. Friend relationships, family relationships and of course romantic relationships.All too often stars who work together for so many years develop feelings that linger when the cameras turn off and a beloved on-screen couple becomes one off-screen too.It was so sweet to watch them fall in love on-screen and off, as their characters Brooke and Julian overcame the usual dramas to get married and have two beautiful boys, and as Sophia and Austin appeared at red carpet events all lovey-dovey.According to seems to have shot most of its final season late last year, so the exes don't have to work together on-screen at the moment.

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